Seo standard By Price Seo Young’s agency Seo Hyen Lin has signed a two-year contract

Seo Young’s agency Seo Hyen Lin has signed a two-year contract

The agency of young South Korean singer Seo Woo Young has signed two-years deal with a Japanese agency, the local media reported.

The agency has reportedly already received over 1,000 bids for the singer’s services.

The agency Seoo Hyenlin is an Asian-based agency based in Tokyo, with offices in Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing.

Seo Yang Lin, Seo Sung Young, Seong Hyun Lee and Seo Hye Kyu Young were among the three singers that signed for the agency in January.

Seong Young, who is a member of the boy band Young Promise, has become a global hit in recent years with her hit single “Bless You.”

She also recently released a music video for the song “Good Bye.”

Seo Yanglin was founded by Seo Yoo Jung, a singer who has been in the K-pop industry since 2009.

He also worked for agency K-Pop Star and has previously worked with several artists including MBC, V.I.P. and Sistar.

Seoung Young has been a big fan of the Kpop group, with the agency offering the agency’s services to the group.

Seoo Young is currently promoting her new single, “Goodbye.”

Seo Jin Young, the agency representative, said that Seo and the agency have already received a number of offers, including from various agencies in the U.S., Japan and South Korea.

Seoung’s agency is based in Japan, where Seo has been the most popular girl group member since 2011.

She is also known as the star of the group, known for her upbeat and fun music videos.

Seon Young’s first solo album “Good Goodbye” is due out in the summer of 2018.

This article was originally published on May 6, 2018.