Seo standard Blog ‘We’ll do anything to get this over with’: NJ residents furious after police arrest family in murder of daughter

‘We’ll do anything to get this over with’: NJ residents furious after police arrest family in murder of daughter

Police say the parents of a child who died in a New Jersey police custody say they’re angry that the family of an 11-year-old girl has not been charged with a crime.

“We’re not here to take their word for it,” said Keith and Susan Gershman, who have lived in the Jersey City suburb of North Brunswick since 2006.

“I’m pissed off.”

They say their daughter, who had a long history of mental illness and a history of violence, was murdered by the parents, whom they described as violent and psychotic.

The Gershsons say they didn’t find out until they moved into the city.

“The family doesn’t want us to know,” said Susan.

“They’re hiding behind their children’s names and saying they didn’nt kill her, but that they did.

They’re afraid of us.”

The Gernsons say the family has been accused of murder before and the parents are believed to be mentally ill.

“A lot of times they’re mentally ill, they’re psychotic,” said a tearful Keith.

“That’s the real problem.

They want to blame the police, the authorities, the politicians, the judiciary, they want to put us in jail for our children, not for our actions.”

A police officer and two women who live with the Gersmans say the police have told them that they have not charged the parents with a criminal offence.

The family has also been charged in the death of their daughter and have refused to talk to police.

Police say they found a 9-year old girl’s body in a bathtub in her room on Feb. 12, a week after she was reported missing.

They say the girl was wearing a pink dress and had been in the bathtub for several hours.

Police believe the girl’s parents, who were arrested earlier this month on unrelated charges, are still living in North Brunswick.

Keith and his wife say they have never heard of the case and are now planning a family gathering to be held at their home on Friday to get the word out about the arrest.

“There are people here that are out to hurt our kids,” said the couple.

“But we’re not going to take any chances.”

Keith Gersman said they don’t know if the family will be charged with the killing, but they would like the public to know that they want justice.

“At the end of the day, if we can do this, it’s not just our kids.

It’s the whole community,” he said.

Police said they are investigating whether there is a connection between the case that has been missing for more than a month and the disappearance of the 11-day-old.