Seo standard By Price A new tech firm to help fight ‘fake news’

A new tech firm to help fight ‘fake news’

SEATTLE — A Seattle-based startup has joined a wave of companies to help crack down on fake news on social media.

The Social Media Agency (SMAA) announced today that it will offer a suite of services that will help businesses and users manage their accounts and avoid becoming victims of fake news, misinformation and other online scams.

The company will offer tools that help users detect fraudulent posts and accounts and prevent accounts from being associated with criminal activity, according to a press release.

The company, called Social Media Alerts, will provide a tool that helps users identify fake news and misinformation on social platforms, according the release.

The agency is focused on helping businesses to detect fake news as well as to protect their reputation.

As part of the new initiative, the SMAA is creating a new app, Social Media Checklist, that will be integrated with the new social media app, Buzzfeed News, and the website of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The app will also include tools to help users identify and remove content that violates their privacy, according a press statement.

Social Media Alert, a division of the SMPA, is a division that works with social media companies to identify, monitor and combat the spread of misinformation and fake news.

In addition to the Social Media Checkinglist, the app will provide tools to make it easier for people to flag and report fraudulent accounts.

SocialMedia Alerts also offers tools to protect users’ privacy, promote social trust, and reduce the spread and misuse of fake content.