Seo standard Features HONG KONG: Orange County’s Seo Young Is A Legend Of The Week

HONG KONG: Orange County’s Seo Young Is A Legend Of The Week

HONG kong: Orange county’s Seóng Young is a star of the week, earning her a spot on the cover of Time magazine’s annual Young Icon of the Week.

Seo Young is the only person in the world to have been awarded the title of the country’s most powerful woman, and she’s not only a pop star, but a leader of the nation’s ruling party.

She is also the founder of the Orange County Social Enterprise Association, which has received more than $200 million from the government, and who is currently leading efforts to overhaul Orange County public schools.

In an interview with TIME, Seo says her political activism has been fueled by a desire to improve the lives of poor and marginalized people.

She says she has fought for equal rights for LGBT people, and believes that we need to create a “political space” for people who feel marginalized, especially minorities and the homeless.

“I want to be able to talk to people about their own struggles, their own pain, their struggle for a better life, so that I can help them to be better people,” she said.

“That’s why I do political activism.”

While Seo has never held elected office, she has made significant changes in the county’s economy.

She created a program to empower disadvantaged youth, and helped raise money for the Orange Youth Development Center.

She also launched the Orange Family Support Program, a social services agency for families of Orange County youth.

Seo also helped build a library, which she describes as a place to learn about history, culture, and religion, and also to connect with her fans.

Her story has inspired many to seek the empowerment and role models of their own lives.

In recent years, several celebrities have joined her cause.

In November, actress Amber Heard told TIME that she had found her calling after reading Seo’s work, and the same month, former basketball player Jason Collins told TIME in an interview that he had found it after hearing about her story.

“My life has changed.

I’m a better person.

I feel better,” Collins said.