Seo standard Blog What’s happening to the LA Clippers?

What’s happening to the LA Clippers?

Los Angeles Clippers fans are in a bit of a jam.

They have lost a ton of games this season, and have played some of the worst basketball of any team in the NBA.

But that’s not all.

The Clippers have won seven games in a row, and are still at least a game out of first place in the West.

The Kings, meanwhile, are still two games out of a playoff spot, but they’ve played some really good basketball and are the favorite to make the playoffs.

And in the meantime, the Clippers are looking to make a move that would get them into the playoffs in the first place.

They need a star.

Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan made a strong pitch during a recent media tour to land Blake Griffin, according to ESPN.

Hennigan is a veteran GM who has made moves in the past, and it appears he’s not going to be shy about trying again this time.

Hernigan told ESPN that he’s willing to pay top dollar for Blake Griffin.

Hornets GM David Griffin also offered his services, according the New York Post, but his offer was declined.

In the meantime the Clippers would be able to make their move this summer without having to wait for another offseason, but the odds of that happening are slim.

The deadline to trade for a player is July 7.

The Clippers would have to make it official by July 8 to have the leverage they need to make this move.

If the Clippers want to go after Griffin, they’ll have to give up something in return.

That’s because the Clippers have a cap hold of $38 million next season.

Hitting the max in 2019 would have allowed them to be a free agent and move forward with a rebuild, something that would have been an appealing option for the Clippers to consider.

Instead, they’re going to have to find someone willing to take on Griffin’s contract.

In an effort to address the salary cap issue, the NBA introduced a rule that allows teams to sign players with max deals.

The rule also allows teams and players to negotiate with their agent, which is also something that has been used for players such as DeAndre Jordan.

If either of those things are in play, the deal would have an effective value of $48 million.

The max deal would allow the Clippers the flexibility to get Griffin under the cap and use that cap space to upgrade their roster.

The idea of giving up something to acquire a player with Griffin’s cap hold, however, has some NBA executives worried about the financial risk of doing so.

The NBA also introduced a “re-entry” rule, meaning that players who sign with their current team will have the option to re-sign with the Clippers, according ESPN.

Players can re-join the Clippers if they have two years left on their contracts, the same as they would with the Kings, but that won’t be a possibility this summer.

Hawks GM John Hammond said during the media tour that he’d be willing to do whatever it takes to get a Blake Griffin trade done.

He added that if the Clippers can’t do that, the team will look elsewhere to make moves.

The Atlanta Hawks, meanwhile are a contender.

They’re one of the few teams that have the ability to make deals with the front office.

They have the financial resources to make trades, and the talent to make them.

They are also a playoff team.

They’ve won the last six games of the season, but there are questions about how they’re doing against the Warriors and the Cavaliers.

The Celtics have been in the midst of a rebuild this offseason, as have the Pistons.

Both teams have players on a max contract that are no longer on the team.

The Cavaliers could be in the market for a star, but this is a very tough time for them.

Cleveland is not in a position to make significant moves to address its financial problems right now.

If they can’t get a player to agree to a deal before the July 7 deadline, the Cavaliers will not be able offer Griffin a max deal.

Hawk owner Jeremy Bates said during a media tour for his team that he wants to give Griffin a chance to play for him and his family.

“We need to be realistic about this,” Bates said, according The Washington Post.

“We’re in a very difficult situation right now.”

The Cavaliers will need to find a deal that allows them to get the star they’re looking for.

If Griffin does sign with the Cavaliers, it will be a big deal.

They would have a player that is only 23 years old, and could help them to improve on the lackluster play that has led to them losing three of the last four.

If a trade doesn’t happen, the Kings would be in a much better position to get their player.

They are the only team that can afford Griffin, and would likely be willing enough to make that deal.

The Cavs, meanwhile would likely have to be willing too.

They’d have to accept a