Seo standard By Price How to deal with the ‘dreaded’ Trump: The 7 ways he could destroy America

How to deal with the ‘dreaded’ Trump: The 7 ways he could destroy America

The President-elect has repeatedly attacked CNN and has repeatedly defended his network against criticism, saying he “will never lie.”

The White House on Monday called the network “a disgrace” and warned that CNN “has no credibility and no credibility in this country.”

The network was among several that Trump called out for having negative coverage of his administration, which he said is the reason he is running for president.

The White Senate press secretary also warned that Trump’s Twitter attacks on the media have created a “very dangerous environment.”

“It’s not a partisan issue,” Sean Spicer said.

“We’re not seeing it here, the president-elect is using this platform to attack journalists and other reporters and their work.”

Trump has said he is looking to get the media to “get the hell out of here,” and on Monday, he said the networks coverage of him is “fake news.”

“The networks are trying to make the case that we’re a fake-news media, that we are dishonest, that you don’t understand the fact that we have an administration that is the greatest job in the world, a real job, in my opinion, in the history of our country, and we’re the most successful in the entire history of the world,” Trump said.

The Trump administration has accused the media of bias against him.

“It seems to me like we’re losing this war of words, this war to this country, to this democracy,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday.

“There is no doubt that the president has been quite clear on his intention to run against the media and his intent to destroy them.”

CNN said Monday it will begin a weeklong investigation into how it reported on the White House transition.

“The Trump administration is using the press to advance a narrative that undermines the legitimacy of the democratic process,” CNN Executive Chairman Jeff Zucker said in a statement.

“This is not what journalism should be about.

We’re going to be looking at everything from the way we cover this to the way in which we cover it.”

Trump himself took to Twitter Monday morning to slam the network, accusing it of “failing” to “finally give President-Elect Trump a fair shake.”

“I am not happy about the fact @CNN has been treated so badly by the media for so long,” Trump wrote.

“I will tell you this, though, I have a great relationship with @CNN.

They are a GREAT organization!”

Trump has accused CNN of biased reporting in the past, saying it has made “very false claims” about him.

The network has called the accusations false.

“These are the same lies the president and his allies have been making for months,” CNN political commentator Van Jones said.