Seo standard Online Tools ‘Shoebox’ on sale in Japan for ¥11,100 on December 18

‘Shoebox’ on sale in Japan for ¥11,100 on December 18

Posted December 15, 2018 05:37:31Shin-Shi’s Shoebox is the first of a series of limited edition Japanese art books released on December 9.

The limited edition is titled “Shoecrops”, and the price is ¥11.99 (US$11.65).

The limited editions are available in English and Japanese, with English-only and Japanese-only editions available separately.

In addition to the art book, Shin-Shu will also release a limited edition, limited edition “Yakata-kun’s Diary” on December 17.

The art book includes a gallery of photos of the two otaku together and a book titled “Yaksa” with the title “Yukari Yakata” and illustrations by Shizuo Ueda.

Shoematsu has also released an official blog post about the book, which you can read here:Shoeweaver is a series about the art of anime and manga.

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