Seo standard Features This guy is the first to ever be arrested for a Google prank

This guy is the first to ever be arrested for a Google prank

The BBC’s Samuel Seo reported yesterday that the US is the latest country to have arrested a Google employee for allegedly making a fake Google account.

The BBC also reported that the case involved an unnamed employee who had made an account using a fake Gmail account.

Google has also confirmed that an employee from its US headquarters in Mountain View, California, has been arrested.

The account was created to impersonate a Google account, but was later used to post “offensive” content on the company’s behalf, according to the BBC.

The US attorney for the Central District of California in San Francisco has not yet commented on the arrest, but it was announced on Monday that he had made a “criminal complaint” against the employee.

Seo also reports that an investigation by the US Department of Justice is underway into the incident.

According to Google, the account was hacked at 3:20am on August 10, but the account has not been used to access any Google accounts, and it has been disabled.

The company has issued a public apology and will soon release a statement from the employee, according a spokesperson for the company.

The news comes on the heels of another Google employee being arrested in Spain. 

A Spanish court has arrested a 27-year-old employee of Google’s Spanish division in connection with a case related to an account belonging to an employee who impersonated an account holder, the newspaper El País reported.

According the newspaper, the employee made two fake Google accounts.

One of the accounts was used to make inappropriate statements, while the other was used for spamming.

The employee was arrested on August 12 in the southern city of San Sebastian. 

The arrest of an employee in Spain for a fake account is quite unusual, according John Mackey, an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

“There’s no reason for an employee to be using a Gmail account or a Google email account,” Mackey told Mashable in an email.

“You would be hard-pressed to imagine someone using Google’s email address or Google’s Google account for anything other than sending spam or making bogus phone calls.”

The spokesperson for Google in the US, Eric Schmidt, did not respond to a request for comment on the recent arrests. 

Mackey added that he did not think it was possible for an account to be hacked using the Gmail account because of the companys stringent security measures. 

However, he did point out that Google’s recent attacks on LinkedIn and Twitter have also shown how well the company works with security experts.

Mackey also noted that, for many of the recent hacks, the perpetrators were targeting users who were not necessarily Google users. 

In fact, according Mackey’s study, Google was targeted only 5.8% of the time by LinkedIn, 4.7% by Twitter, and 1.6% by other social networks. 

Schmidt told Mashability that the company does not comment on individual cases, but added that the security of its services is “among the most important” in terms of ensuring the safety of its users.