Seo standard Online Tools What’s audit tool KANG seo is selling, and why you should care

What’s audit tool KANG seo is selling, and why you should care

By Kim Soo-won/Business Insider A Korean startup is offering a tool that helps users audit their own businesses to avoid fraud and corruption.

Kang Seo, a startup that specializes in auditing companies and agencies, says it is the first such tool that enables users to “audit” their own business without actually doing any auditing.

“It is not a product but a service.

Users can use it to audit their companies and agency to prevent the risk of fraud and abuse,” a spokesperson said in an email.”

We offer the auditing service through the platform for organizations that require an independent audit service.

Our goal is to improve audit management and transparency.”

The tool is available in the Kpopalya app for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free at

Users can also check the audit logs to find the cause of their audit failures.

“If the cause is identified, we will fix the issue and make it even easier to get back on track,” the company said.

Kangs software allows users to log in to their own account and view audit logs for the previous three months, so they can quickly check the cause behind any audit failures, the spokesperson said.

Users also have the option to submit their audit log as a public record on the platform.KANG Seo also provides a tool called Kangs Report to help audit management teams understand what happened in the past, such as when an employee left the company, the company’s governance structure or any other information related to the audit.

Kongs Report will automatically send a report to the company if the audit fails or if a report is filed.

Kwang Seo’s audit tools are available in Korea and the U.S. and it has more than 100,000 users in over 20 countries, including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.