Seo standard Features Why ‘fake news’ is on the rise

Why ‘fake news’ is on the rise

A new report from the nonprofit group Center for Public Integrity found that fake news stories from outlets like Breitbart News and InfoWars have been the subject of more than 10,000 lawsuits filed against them since Trump took office.

The watchdog group’s analysis of court records shows the number of such lawsuits has increased from 3,907 in January 2017 to 6,566 in February 2017.

The group has documented a number of other stories that have been retracted and retracted more than 100 times since Trump’s inauguration.

One example of a story that has been retracted more frequently than others is the story about a man who was charged with a felony after allegedly driving drunk.

The man’s story was pulled from the website by a reporter and later retracted, according to the report.

Other examples include the story that a white nationalist, who had previously expressed admiration for President Donald Trump, had allegedly threatened to kill a black man and that a CNN reporter had said the president had been a “white supremacist.”

The report found that, on average, a fake news story was retractioned once every 2.6 days.

One of the most recent retraction cases occurred in June, when the fake news site Breitbart News retracted a story about then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

A New York Times reporter was fired after she published the story.

“While we can’t prove that fake or hoax news was the sole cause of the retraction, it is clear that this trend will continue in the coming months,” the report says.