Seo standard Interface Warehouse Kim Seo on the ‘misunderstanding’ of her and the ‘courage’ of Kim Jong-un

Kim Seo on the ‘misunderstanding’ of her and the ‘courage’ of Kim Jong-un

KIM SEO, former chief executive of KPMG and now a senior adviser to President Moon Jae-in, is the latest person to be called out for misunderstanding Kim Jong Un.

Ms Seo, who is currently serving as a senior advisor to the President, was in Singapore to attend a conference on the economic benefits of cooperation between the two countries.

Ms Moon’s policy advisor, Mr Kim Jang-choon, was also in Singapore, and his spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

“She said the South Korean economy was strong, the US was strong and the EU was strong,” Mr Moon said in his first official comment on the matter.

“The South Korean leadership should have been better prepared and that was the way to solve the problem.

That was the first step to solve it.”‘

Misunderstanding the Korean economy’The South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, signed in 1994, was meant to open up more markets for American companies and American products.

It was the most comprehensive free trade agreement in history.

Korea was the only country in the world to sign the FTA, and has benefited from the pact.

“It’s the first time we have a free trade pact, and the first free trade deal in history, in South Korea,” Ms Moon said.

“If you look at the GDP per capita, the economic performance of South Korea is very strong, but the US economy is much weaker, with a lot of its jobs going to China and other countries,” she added.

“So, you can imagine, misunderstating the Korean economic performance would have a very big impact.”‘

You’re not a Kim’The President was referring to the recent revelations that Ms Seo has been paid $1.7 million by KPMg in the past, despite her position at the company being at the top of the board.

“When you are a chief executive at a company like KPM, you’re not the President of the company, you are just a key person,” Mr Kim said.’

You should be ashamed of yourself’Ms Seom was also criticized for having an affair with former US president Barack Obama.

The affair is the subject of a lawsuit from former employees.KIM JANG-CHO, president of KSM, was not available for an interview on Monday, but a South Korean media report said that Ms Park had filed a complaint against Mr Kim with the Constitutional Court.

“I think Kim should apologize to President Park, who has made her personal feelings public, for the embarrassment he caused,” Mr Lee, the former South Korean president, said in a Facebook post.

“We all need to take a step back and think of how to better manage the relationship between the US and South Korea.”

Mr Lee’s comments echo those made by US President Donald Trump during a trip to Asia in January.

He called Ms Park a “fat pig”, “bitch” and “pig”, while accusing her of having an “affair with the President”.

Mr Trump had also said he had been asked to apologise to Ms Park for her comments during the US visit.

The president said the relationship with South Korea was “at an all-time low” and that he wanted to make sure it improved.

The US is due to hold its first-ever summit with North Korea this month.