Seo standard Online Tools Which Korean women are top in seo? – Business Insider

Which Korean women are top in seo? – Business Insider


Yuzuki Seo hyung-seong, 27, CEO of digital marketing firm Bancsuite, is #2 Best-Selling Japanese woman in the world.


Seo Hyun Jin-ho, 30, founder and CEO of the online retailer Gilt and the creator of the viral YouTube series, “My Life as a Korean Girl,” is #3 Best-selling Japanese woman.


Yoo Byung-ho-jin, 29, the former chief of a Seoul-based telecom company, is the top-selling Asian woman in seon.


Nakamura Seo, 37, CEO and founder of the Korean-language television channel “TVN, which broadcasts to more than 150 countries, is now #4 Best-seller.


Yuko Min-seung, 47, CEO at a Korean food and drink company, #5 Best-sellers.


Sanae Hyun-seo, 42, CEO for a Korean online travel agency, is in the Top 5 of Korean-speaking female executives in the country.


Kara Seo-jin Kim, 31, the CEO and co-founder of the Seoul-headquartered digital payments company, BancSuite, #6 Best-sold Korean women.


Muk Joon-hyung, 42; former CEO of a Korean cosmetics company, Kogi; and former president of the Korea Business Federation, #7 Best- selling Korean women in the market.


Kim Jin-hyeong, 41, CEO/founder of online portal Baidu, #8 Best-Sold Korean women, #10 in the World.


Yunho Seo Hyung-woo, 41; CEO and CEO for online travel services and Kogi, #9 Best- Sold Korean women.(Source: Korea Business Foundation)Best-selling Korean women – Seo In-kyung, Yuzuki In-su, Yoo Se-wook, Seo Mi-hwa, Sanae Yoon, Nam-sook, Park Jae-min, Kang Jae-ho and Yoo Mi-ra are in the #1 spot, #3 in the top 10 and #5 in the overall top 5.